Clear Deal Program

CLEAR Deal Program
For decades buying a car could be a very daunting process, especially if you've never done it before. Here at Victory Motors our team members understand that the process of purchasing a new or pre-owned car, truck or Suv can be time consuming, and often a stressful one. It's also a highly personal experience. Car lovers might spend several years admiring a certain model, then spend months or more shopping before taking the plunge. Then again, other folks might stroll into a dealership on a Saturday morning and roll out in the afternoon, their wallets a little lighter and smelling that new car smell.  With the power of the Internet, folks can now buy cars online and skip the in-person experience somewhat altogether. With this in mind our team has taken great strides to ensure that when you shop with us, it's a stress-free experience.  We want you to enjoy shopping for your next vehicle, and we are committed to ensuring you do!
To provide such thing, our team has created the CLEAR Deal Program. Not only will this program help you navigate the CLEAR path to vehicle ownership with absolute ease, it will also save you valuable time when shopping with us.  From Valuating your Trade, to reserving the new or used vehicle of your dreams, our CLEAR Deal Program is designed to help you make the most of your vehicle purchase experience. To learn more we invite you to read on below….

1. Research: Find the Make, Model, Price, Trim, color and safety features your looking for.
2. Choose Your Terms: We understand that the budgetary needs of our customers vary greatly. That's why, here at Victory Motors of Craig, our team members are proud to provide customers the ability to CLEAR-ly personalize their monthly vehicle payment. Not only will personalizing your payment give you a greater understanding of how much you can afford, but it will also save you time and money.
3. Check for Specials: Look for incentives or special offers that you qualify for and in turn reduce the purchase price of your vehicle. 
4. Value Trade-In: If your current vehicle is in good condition, and you're looking to sell it before purchasing your next vehicle, we encourage you to consider trading it in. Not only will trading your vehicle in save you time, but it will also allow you the opportunity to CLEAR-ly see the value of your trade towards your next vehicle purchase. 
5. Explore Vehicle Protection: Purchasing a vehicle is a significant investment. Although vehicle quality continues to improve, thousands of working parts and advanced electrical components must continuously function in order for your vehicle to run properly. The MasterTech Vehicle Protection Program® offers the CLEAR choice of varying levels of coverage for protecting against unexpected vehicle repair costs.
6. Schedule Test Drive: Congratulations you made the CLEAR decision on a vehicle that meets your needs and requirements.  Now its time to setup a time to come take it for a spin to make sure its exactly what you're looking for.
7. Apply For Credit: If you're ready to apply for financing, we invite you to do so via our CLEAR online form. With just a few questions to answer, this financing form was made to provide you with an inside look at your financial options. Once you've completed the form, our team will get to work on securing a low interest auto loan that works with your budget, rather than against it.
8. Get Your Certificate: You're on the CLEAR path to getting your new vehicle.  A certificate will be printed off after you have agreed to your terms for you to provide to our team to finalize your vehicle purchase.
9. Reserve your Vehicle: Once you've valued your trade, determined what you can afford and have applied for financing, you're more than welcome to reserve your CLEAR Deal vehicle and your on the CLEAR path to leaving our showroom behind the wheel of your next vehicle.

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